History of The Rustic Rehab

History of The Rustic Rehab

Hi, I’m Debbie Elmore, the Owner of The Rustic Rehab. Let me answer a few questions for you and tell you a little more about The Rustic Rehab.

We started The Rustic Rehab after I retired after 25 years as VP of HR with Northport Health Services. As I was finalizing my paperwork for retirement, I told the guys I wanted to open a shop where we would sell new and refurbished furniture and home décor. My son wanted to be a part of the business and left his fulltime job to join us and get our business up and running,

First, we needed to find a location. We initially started with two locations where we set up a booth where we could learn a little more OR a lot more. Then we began a search for a stand -alone location. Our search took us to 4500 Hwy 69 North in Northport. The location had been home to several families after it was built in 1947, a daycare, the office for the owner and a Senior Info Center. A ‘God Thing’ occurred when we met the owner at the location only to find out he was our former next-door neighbor! Immediately after purchasing the building, we began an extensive renovation.

We pulled up old (REAL OLD) carpet and just like on Home Town we found hardwood floors. We had the old floors sanded, stained, and fully restored to their original condition. The ceilings had the old popcorn texture and I found wood that could be put up to cover them. In two areas of the store we had beautiful ceiling tiles put up and replaced the old fireplace mantle with a beautiful new one. We refinished several of the walls with shiplap and added new and different light fixtures in every room. The building had a new addition that added four rooms about 15 years prior to us buying the building. We took up the carpet in this newer area and replaced with hardwood floors. All of these rooms were painted. 

In the kitchen space we tore out all the upper cabinets, added rustic wooden countertops, new flooring and a farmhouse sink. We also use the area for light displays. We incorporated two outdoor signs with The Rustic Rehab on both sides. Seeing our name between those two brick columns was personally touching to me after I’d made my comment to my former co-workers about opening a shop. Over the 4+ years we’ve been blessed to have exceptional employees. Our store manager designed our new logo that is boasted on our outdoor signs and many of our products. When we first opened in February 2018 I ordered from 4-5 vendors. That number is exceeded by over 25 currently. So, I do hope that this has brought some clarity on exactly what goes on at The Rustic Rehab and what we’re all about. 



People have dropped in and asked if we were a physical rehab or drug rehab center. No, but we rehab a lot of the furniture we’ve seen come through our doors. We have proudly become the largest Dixie Belle Paint retailer in the whole state of Alabama. My husband, son and I traveled to Florida to learn painting techniques and more about Dixie Belle products. We also carry a lot of new furniture we procure from various vendors. Another offering The Rustic Rehab has is an onsite employee that can personalize gifts for you. We also employ a true Interior Designer that is thrilled to assist in styling your home for beautification. One of our ladies specializing in making signs and picture/sign frames. Additionally, we employee a lady that makes beautiful earrings for all occasions. We have our signature gold leaf earrings and some that say, “Roll Tide”. A newer addition to The Rustic Rehab’s team custom builds high quality tables that come with an accompanying bench. He can make almost anything you want.

I have been asked by customers, “Can I just live here?” Perhaps the inquiry comes from the great Southern Hospitality we show! Oh, and one more question I’ve been asked: “Do you live in the house?” No, but it really is a pleasant atmosphere. Our customers are the BEST! God has blessed us so much. We give Him the glory. Come see us at the Little Big White House.


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I have felt like part of the family since my first visit with Cap Ray.
Love the people, love the products and the atmosphere ❣️

Kitty Porter

I recently purchased a beautiful dresser and a tier tray.. The Rustic Rehab Tuscaloosa Staff was expectional to work with. Not being able to get in to look around they took pictures. I am so pleased . Exactly what I expected. Thank you. TRR.


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