Collection: Susan Shaw Jewelry

We are headquartered in San Antonio, TX, where our talented artists make each piece of jewelry by hand, and our marketing, customer service, and fulfillment teams all work under the same roof.

Originally from Lockhart, Texas, Susan grew up among Southern women who didn’t leave the house without putting on lipstick and some jewelry.

From an early age, Susan was interested in art and fashion, she earned a Bachelor and Masters degree in Fine Art from the University of Texas. Together with her husband, she moved to San Antonio after graduation, where she taught school and became an interior designer. In 1979, as a young mom, Susan began designing her handmade jewelry collection as a creative outlet. Inspired by her Southern roots and travels throughout Europe, the Susan Shaw collections have distinctive silhouettes, and vintage motifs of Italian wax seals, coins, crosses, and bees.

All Susan Shaw jewelry is either 24Kt handcast gold plated or handcast sterling silver plated. Handcasting is a plating method done by hand. This method produces the most consistent and highest quality plating possible and is far superior to standard machine plating. Our pieces are handcast with three coats of 24Kt gold or sterling silver. All items are plated over a lead-free, nickel-free base metal.

None of our jewelry is made using plastic pieces. All items are comprised of genuine freshwater pearls or semi-precious stones, including genuine turquoise, quartz, coral, onyx, and agate. Our cotton pearl collection is unique and unlike genuine pearls. A cotton pearl contains a tightly wound inner-layer of cotton with a paper-maché-like outer layer. They are extremely light weight, giving you the benefit of bigger pearls without the bulky weight.