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Dixie Belle Silk Paint - Acadia

Dixie Belle Silk Paint - Acadia

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All-in-one paint line from Dixie Belle. Non-toxic. Built-in Primer, Stain Blocker, Top Coat. Excellent coverage and durability. Easy to clean with a low reflective finish. 

With Acadia, you can achieve professional-quality results without the hassle. Its rich, dark hues evoke the rugged coastlines and dense, pine-covered hills of Acadia National Park, making it the perfect choice for bringing a touch of natural grandeur into your home. This paint color is a rich deep green that is an absolute beautiful paint color.

Experience the convenience and beauty of Acadia as it effortlessly transforms your space into a haven of timeless elegance. Embrace the melancholic beauty of Acadia National Park with this all-in-one paint solution, and let your creativity shine through with every stroke.

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